The Durham Difference

Durham understands the climate school districts face today.

Tight budgets. Aging buses. Operating efficiency needs. With our expertise and nationwide resources, your district, community and students will benefit from:

No longer will you have to worry about new bus capital, bus routing issues, bus breakdowns and recruiting and training drivers. We are happy to relieve you of those responsibilities, freeing you up to focus on other critical priorities.

Partner with Durham and your district will receive:


Safety is the top priority for all of our employees. It is foremost in our minds as we do our jobs, every day. Employee training programs and processes support our commitment to safety. Our safety pledge resonates through the organization, from our drivers to the board room.

Financial Efficiencies

Partnering with a transportation provider can save school districts an average of 10%–30% in transportation costs, according to the National School Transportation Association (NSTA). What you do with the savings is in your hands. Reinvest back into the classroom. Invest in capital improvements. Increase your community support. You decide what’s best for your district, students and community. Durham will bring to your district:

Unwavering Customer Service

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction; solutions are customized to your district’s needs. With constantly increasing demands for services, and fluctuating enrollments and limited resources, you need a unique plan. Durham will work with you to create that plan to meet your organizational goals and objectives. Durham employees are held accountable, demonstrate a transparent partnership and engage in constant communication with you.

Engaged, Accountable, and Satisfied Employees

The best-trained drivers in the business work for Durham because we devote a significant amount of resources, training and development to our employees. School buses are required to meet the most stringent safety regulations, and our drivers ensure they are operated safely. Employees are held accountable to meet the highest standards, ensuring the safety of your students. Because we care to the extent we do, our employees do the right thing.

Operations Excellence

Getting students to and from school safely and efficiently is job one for Durham. Our proven operational and maintenance practices can optimize the use of expensive assets, the school bus. With the technology we leverage, you will always know where your buses are and how efficiently they are traveling.

Safety Education

Safety is the top priority for everyone within the organization from the front line to the CEO. It is our responsibility to continuously educate all employees on safety standards to ensure your students are safe while in our care.

We meet State and Federal mandates for school bus driver training in every State in which we operate. We teach our employees, passengers and communities how to be safe—on and off the school bus. We value the safety of children, employees and the public.

School bus drivers are the most highly trained, tested and scrutinized drivers on the road, receiving specialized classroom and behind-the-wheel training, undergoing drug and alcohol testing, driving record and background checks, and medical exams.

Our safety education programs focus on safety around the bus’s “Danger Zone” as well as emergency evacuations and safe riding procedures. Safety training is offered for K-3 students through our Safety Mascot, Pride, the Labrador Retriever.

Know Your Bus Safety

  1. Leave plenty of time to get to the bus stop. When you rush, you may not follow traffic safety rules.
  2. Walk on the sidewalks, where available.
  3. Remain alert at all times; don’t have ear buds in or headphones on, texting, talking on your cell phone or playing handheld video games because you won’t be aware of what’s happening around you.
  4. Also be careful when wearing a hood; it makes it difficult for you to see.
  5. When waiting for the bus, stay away from the street. Be aware of traffic and follow safety rules.
  6. Make sure the driver can see you at all times by staying 10 steps away from the bus.
  7. Wait for the bus to stop completely before you approach it to get on or before you stand up to get off.
  8. Clothes or backpacks should not have drawstrings, toggles or key chains. They can get caught on bus handrails and doors.
  9. Hold the handrail so you don’t trip on the stairs.
  10. Find a seat and sit down immediately.
  11. Know your driver’s name and bus number to be sure you are boarding the right bus.
  12. Be courteous and respectful to your driver.
  13. Talk and laugh quietly with friends, but do not scream; it distracts the driver.
  14. Do not put your head, arms, papers or anything else out of the window.
  15. If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up. The driver may not see you. Instead, ask the driver for help.
  16. If you have to cross the street, wait until the driver lets you know it’s okay to cross.
  17. Stay away from the bus wheels at all times – especially the back wheels where it’s hard for the driver to see you.
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