Library Resources

Hardin County Schools’ libraries are here to help you in school and at home. Each school librarian believes reading is a fundamental skill and every student has a right to learn to read and practice his/her reading skills through appropriate and engaging books. HCS librarians are also here to help students, parents/guardians, and educators find supplemental resources to help with teaching, homework, and test and career preparation. Click the link below for online resources that HCS librarians use and recommend.

Student Health

Statistically, the nurses at Hardin County Schools see more cases with children on a daily basis than any clinic in Hardin County.  With Registered Nurses staffed at each of our schools, we are qualified and certified to administer parent-approved treatment options for our students.  For details on sickness, our capabilities, and health policies please visit our Student Health page.

Special Education

The Department of Special Education is comprised of Special Education Teachers, Speech/Language Pathologists, a School Psychologist, an Educational Diagnostician, an Educational Facilitator, a Vision Specialist, a Behavior Specialist, Paraprofessionals, Drivers, and Consultants.

Inclement Weather Procedures

Hardin County Schools use an alert call system that provides the capabilities of calling all parents and school personnel within a few minutes to deliver important news about schools’ closing due to inclement weather. The caller list is generated from the registration forms that are filled out by parents of students at the beginning of each school year. Any changes in phone numbers or contacts should be directed to the school(s) the student(s) attend. Also, the local newspaper website and radio stations post and broadcast the news regarding the closing of schools due to inclement weather.

Report An Issue

We desire to be a resource for our students, a listening ear for parents, and a transparent organization for our community as well as communities we have contact with.  If you are experiencing a challenge that you believe we can help in, please click the button below to fill out a brief form so that we may reach out to you soon.

Our Technology

Hardin County Schools are committed to providing all teachers, students and staff with up-to-date technology to enhance teaching and learning. The Technology Department also works hard to provide assistance and support for the technology needs of teachers, students and staff. We believe that the use of technology in education is critical to preparing students for success in our society as it becomes more dependent on technology in all areas.

-John Milender
Director of Technology

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