(For Parents Who Have had previous student enrollment in hardin county schools)

To use online registration, parent/guardian needs:

  1. Internet connected device
  2. Active ParentVue Account – If you do not know your current ParentVue login information, please contact your child’s school.
  3. If these have never been provided for the student before, you will need copies of these required documents: Student’s Birth Certificate, Tennessee Immunization Record, and Proof of Address(these may be uploaded electronically or delivered physically to the BOE Office)

Ready To Begin?  You can connect using the ParentVue app, or simply click the BEGIN REGISTRATION button below.  Once you have completed the registration for EACH student, please review and be sure to SUBMIT.  

IMPORTANT: If you have ever had a student enrolled in Hardin County Schools, you should have a ParentVue account.  If you do not know your login, please contact Hardin County Schools main office at (731) 925-3943.

Never had a student enrolled in Hardin County Schools? There is a different process for you. Click the "take me there" button to navigate to the proper process.